It’s been awhile

It’s been awhile since I updated shame on me but I’m so involved with life lately in a good way..:) So here I am actually into R1D2P4 I did a great job in P3 and I’m actually -4.6 from my LIW which gives me a grand total of 33.2 lbs lost on 33 days of a 43 day, I decided to cut it short because I wasn’t losing anymore and I believe I built an immunity to the HCG regretfully so and it was my fault for not skipping one weekly injection I won’t make that mistake on my next round which I plan to begin right after Thanksgiving. I’ll do a short round then I’ll be ready to enjoy Christmas with the family and a skinner me in the New Year.

I had to get new pants all my jeans were falling off me woo hoo for that and the compliments I get from co workers and friends are amazing, I love HCG and recommend it to anyone who really want’s to lose weight, I haven’t felt this good physically in years not only because of the weight loss but the drastic change in eating habits and another BIG plus is the fact my children are picking up better eating habits now that mom doesn’t buy all that junk!

Can’t wait to get back into R2P2 hoping I have as an successful round the second time as I did the first..;)

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P2R1D24 Update..:)

Well I’m half way into my 43 day protocol and already hit the goal I planned for myself of 25lbs, actually today I’ve released 26.4lbs so I’m moving my goal for this round to 40lbs, at this rate I know I’ll get there. I haven’t measured yet I wanted to wait till the end but I can tell you my cloths are getting bigger, esp in the legs and arms, so happy about the arms because I HATED my spare wings. It’s a nice feeling to put on cloths I haven’t worn for a long time and they fit, I have a special pair of jeans I took out and hope to be wearing them by the end of this round size 14, I haven’t seen that size since before I gave birth to my youngest 10 years ago. w0ot w0ot

I’m still doing great sticking to protocol, haven’t cheated I did stop taking my mag supplements because I’m having NO problems with bernice and I continued with the HCG during TOM, it hasn’t seem to  effect it at all, I’ve never had problems with TOM other than them being very heavy so I’ll continue on.

I hope everyone is doing great with the protocol and feel free to comment if you have any questions.

Happy HCGing.

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R1P2D16 Update

Today 16 days into it and I’ve lost a total of 20.6 lbs, yeah yeah this hcg stuff really works. I give myself high fives for every 10lbs released, 39 more lbs and I’ll hit the first major goal I’ve set for myself. I joined a forum that deals with the HCG diet and I’m so grateful I joined Ive met so many nice people with tons of encouragement.

I must say things have gotten much easier, today I made bacon and pancakes for the kids and it didn’t bother me one bit. The only time I find myself really struggleing in before I go to bed after work, my tummy grumbles but I remind myself your really not hungry. I haven’t cheated one bit to this point I’m so proud of myself. I think I mention it before but I purchased the HCG diet cookbook, that thing has been a lifesaver for me, it’s actually starting to be fun for me to cook, its been so long since I actually cooked like I’m cooking now.

I wore a pair of jeans yesterday that I wasn’t able to wear this summer because they were to tight and uncomfortable, and I got my biggest surprise Friday when I put on a pair of scrubs for work that I was unable to wear because the top was so tight I almost had to have one of my girls help me get it off, I got a lot of compliments that day at work so its really showing..:) I have another pair of jeans I think I’m going to pull outta my skinny cloths and put them were I can see them that will be my next mini goal, to put those on!

I’m going to be a grandmother for the first time next March and I plan to be a sexy one at that.

I’m so grateful I found this and I’m so looking forward to next summer and a pair of cute shorts!


Today I’m at P2R1D6

Just an update as you can see Im at day 6 of my VLCD and I’m down 6.8 lbs. Not much of a loss today 0.2lbs but I have to learn and accept a loss is a loss, after so many years of yo-yo dieting I think my brain is not programmed to accept a loss as a loss so thats something I’m working on.

Yesterday was also the day back to work from my weekend off and first time I was at work following the protocol. I have to admit I was hungry last night, but gotta give myself credit because there’s all kinds of foods at my work place not to mention a variety of snacks at night and I did NOT cheat so that alone is an accomplishment. These “accomplishments” are another thing I need to accept and be proud of, all my life I haven’t’ been use to being proud of something I do, I’ve always done things because I HAD to, to make someone else happy, or it was what I was suppose to do but never took the time to sing my own praises. Let me add I’m also reading the book Shrink Yourself by Dr Roger Gould, I never thought as myself as an emotional eater to the extent he describes in the book, I knew part of me was and a lot of what I read so far makes sense, I can’t say it the book totally refers to why I haven’t been able to control my weight over the years but it has brought a few things to light making some sense to me. So far its a good read and I would recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in the fridge when they’re upset, happy, or mad.

So back to the protocol theres a few things I’ve been unable to do and that is drink the gallon of H20 daily…aughh but I am drinking water to me its a lot but not what I should be drinking, also all my foods have not been organic, if its available and not to pricey I buy it, if not I do read the ingredients and stay away from the stuff your suppose to in the protocol.

I’m still waiting on my HCG recipe book to arrive I’m in desperate need of this, I can see how someone can become distracted easily from the protocol if your eating the same exact things day after day.

One more pointer before I go…preparation is the KEY to this protocol, I have my meats and vegetables already weighed and individually packed, so when I get up for the day I can cook my lunch and my dinner to take to work without spending over an hour weighing my foods, this has made it SO much easier right now.

Ok time for work I’ll keep you all posted.

Peace, Love and Fat Loss


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Today I Begin

Today I begin my HCG Journey and have decided to blog about it, this is all new to me, HCG and blogging, being over weight isn’t, I’ve pretty much been over weight all my life and like most obese people I’ve done every diet out there, this time I chose to do the HCG Weight Loss Protocol after much research. Actually my sister told me about it last year and I was quite shocked and skeptical about it, when she told me about injecting HCG and following a 500 day calorie diet I thought she was nuts and really didn’t pay much more attention to it until this year. Once again the HCG Weight Loss Protocol came up again I don’t remember what got me looking more into it on the net I just remember I started so over the last two weeks I viewed hundreds of sites, vlogs, and blogs about people who either were currently on the program or who had loss ton’s of weight and kept it off once they went off the protocol.

So I decided what the hell it’s time to make a change and this was my last ditch effort to finally be free of this weight that has held me back in SO many ways.

I found a great blog with a link to order my HCG, of course I was a little worried about ordering something online, esp from a pharmacy that was overseas’ but the owner of the blog had been using this site for some time and had nothing but good things to say, so I took the plunge and ordered and I’m happy to say my HCG arrived less than a week from ordering, which was 9/15/10.

I had planned on beginning the HCG Weight Loss Protocol this weekend but changed my mind. Today was my day, so I got up, weighed myself mixed my HCG and administered my first injection, that part was easy as have a healthcare background so mixing and injecting didn’t bother me, so for the next two days I’ll be “loading” and on the third day I’ll begin my VLCD’s, I’ll be doing the 43 day protocol.

I wanted to keep my first blog simple and it’s basically a way to help me keep track and accountable.

If anyone stumble across this and was wondering what the hell I was talking about heres a few links to read and familairize yourself with the HCG Weight Loss Protocol, I will be following the original protocol written by Dr. Simeons, I’ve also read Kevin Trudeau book The weight loss cure.

Here is Dr. Simeons Manuscript:

Here is some great sites that go more into detail and what gave me the final push to make a change.

So it begins, I pray for strength and the will power to succeed.

Peace, Love and Fat Loss


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