Today I Begin

Today I begin my HCG Journey and have decided to blog about it, this is all new to me, HCG and blogging, being over weight isn’t, I’ve pretty much been over weight all my life and like most obese people I’ve done every diet out there, this time I chose to do the HCG Weight Loss Protocol after much research. Actually my sister told me about it last year and I was quite shocked and skeptical about it, when she told me about injecting HCG and following a 500 day calorie diet I thought she was nuts and really didn’t pay much more attention to it until this year. Once again the HCG Weight Loss Protocol came up again I don’t remember what got me looking more into it on the net I just remember I started so over the last two weeks I viewed hundreds of sites, vlogs, and blogs about people who either were currently on the program or who had loss ton’s of weight and kept it off once they went off the protocol.

So I decided what the hell it’s time to make a change and this was my last ditch effort to finally be free of this weight that has held me back in SO many ways.

I found a great blog with a link to order my HCG, of course I was a little worried about ordering something online, esp from a pharmacy that was overseas’ but the owner of the blog had been using this site for some time and had nothing but good things to say, so I took the plunge and ordered and I’m happy to say my HCG arrived less than a week from ordering, which was 9/15/10.

I had planned on beginning the HCG Weight Loss Protocol this weekend but changed my mind. Today was my day, so I got up, weighed myself mixed my HCG and administered my first injection, that part was easy as have a healthcare background so mixing and injecting didn’t bother me, so for the next two days I’ll be “loading” and on the third day I’ll begin my VLCD’s, I’ll be doing the 43 day protocol.

I wanted to keep my first blog simple and it’s basically a way to help me keep track and accountable.

If anyone stumble across this and was wondering what the hell I was talking about heres a few links to read and familairize yourself with the HCG Weight Loss Protocol, I will be following the original protocol written by Dr. Simeons, I’ve also read Kevin Trudeau book The weight loss cure.

Here is Dr. Simeons Manuscript:

Here is some great sites that go more into detail and what gave me the final push to make a change.

So it begins, I pray for strength and the will power to succeed.

Peace, Love and Fat Loss


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2 Responses to Today I Begin

  1. 1morebite says:

    You can Do it Connie. I wont lie, some days are much much easier than others, my first round was hardest. Second round was good but didnt feel like the first round. My 3rd round has revived all my excitement and energy plus I am now doing it with my family.

    On the water, I too have the hardest time drinking my water, 1, I just dont like water. The easiest way for me to drink it is to break it up. I tried filling a gallon bottle and then kept filling it up, but looking at how much I had left to drink was causing me anxiety. I was always thinking OMG i stil have that much to drink and as the day was getting closer to an end I was panicking that i didnt seem close to being finished. I ended up buying me 32oz water bottles from Bed Bath and Beyond. I personally liked them because they had a straw and were spill proof, and the tip to the straw us hard plastic so I can actually carry my bottle around in my teeth to mindlessly drink as it were.
    Second lifesaver. STEVIA, and not just any stevia, flavored sweetleaf brand. I have tried some of the cheaper ones, the flavor tastes all chemically and gross. This has been what has enabled me to drink water. I add 1 dropper to a full 32oz of water and then I dont feel like i am drinking water. Favorites of mine are the rootbeer, the grape and the berry. The coffee flavors are great if you are a coffee drinker I have resorted to using them in my water since i am now bottom of the barrel till payday, The vanilla cream is a lifesavor for cooking, mixed in drinks, in your fruit, it adds really nice flavor and a touch of sweetness and allows more variety for your fruits and making drinks. I have only resently tried the orange and lemon, Both are very good but at almost $15 a bottle I try to stick with the ones I know I like. and seem to have the cheapest prices for these ranging between $8-9.

    Another tip that might help you regarding water and maybe a boost for your releases as well. I have noticed I lose more or have slightly larger losses when I drink green tea, I normally make a blend of something since i dont care for green tea either lol. Hibiscus tea is a natural diuretic and can help with that puffy feeling that I had all of my round 1 and half of my round 2. Another drink that definatly take a lot to get use to is the apple cider vinager drink.They say if you add 2T to a large glass of water and stevia to taste you can drink this to help with weight loss as the ACV burns fat. As much as i despised it I kept attempting because it seemed to be working. I have now aquired a taste for it. I normally make one of my waters flavored, one green tea dropper of flavor, 1 hybiscus tea flavored and 1 of the bottles mixed half and half with my hybiscus tea and green, 3-4T ACV and 1-2 droppers of grape stevia. This makes it easier to stomach the vinager. I had tried everything even freezing small cubes of ice and wrapped in spinach leaves to dry and get the stuff down. This has been the easiest way for me.

    I am so sorry for writing you a near novel. LOL. I am working on a book oddly enough as I am trying to give my parents recipes and leaving them tons of tips. If you’d like when I am done, (might be a while) lemme know and I can send you a copy 🙂 This definatly works though. It has its up and down days but without a doubt this can help you, you will find tons of support out there and we all seem to be a freindly bunch. Make sure you also have a facebook account to have just for hcg freinds, I cannot tell you the support that I have recieved from the hundreds of others who are doing this as well and cheering you on. They even have trips and exciting games and goals for those who get to where they want, also contests to win all kinds of free stuff including HCG and stevia and sometimes just merchendise from some of the stores selling online. I won 1st place for one of my recipes and got $100 worth of store credit, Too bad I am now almost out of my stevia yet I hope youa re doing well and Big releases and if you ever have any questions please dont hesitate to ask 🙂


    • ml2f says:

      Thank you so much for the ideas and support, how exciting that your writing a book, I’ve often thought about it. I love love my stevia I just purchased some flavored drops and can’t wait till they arrive. I’m still struggling with the water thing but not as bad as I was before.

      I’m so glad I found and joined the forum there are some really nice people there and the support is outstanding.

      Gotta cut it short because I’m heading to work. THANKS AGAIN!!!

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