Today I’m at P2R1D6

Just an update as you can see Im at day 6 of my VLCD and I’m down 6.8 lbs. Not much of a loss today 0.2lbs but I have to learn and accept a loss is a loss, after so many years of yo-yo dieting I think my brain is not programmed to accept a loss as a loss so thats something I’m working on.

Yesterday was also the day back to work from my weekend off and first time I was at work following the protocol. I have to admit I was hungry last night, but gotta give myself credit because there’s all kinds of foods at my work place not to mention a variety of snacks at night and I did NOT cheat so that alone is an accomplishment. These “accomplishments” are another thing I need to accept and be proud of, all my life I haven’t’ been use to being proud of something I do, I’ve always done things because I HAD to, to make someone else happy, or it was what I was suppose to do but never took the time to sing my own praises. Let me add I’m also reading the book Shrink Yourself by Dr Roger Gould, I never thought as myself as an emotional eater to the extent he describes in the book, I knew part of me was and a lot of what I read so far makes sense, I can’t say it the book totally refers to why I haven’t been able to control my weight over the years but it has brought a few things to light making some sense to me. So far its a good read and I would recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in the fridge when they’re upset, happy, or mad.

So back to the protocol theres a few things I’ve been unable to do and that is drink the gallon of H20 daily…aughh but I am drinking water to me its a lot but not what I should be drinking, also all my foods have not been organic, if its available and not to pricey I buy it, if not I do read the ingredients and stay away from the stuff your suppose to in the protocol.

I’m still waiting on my HCG recipe book to arrive I’m in desperate need of this, I can see how someone can become distracted easily from the protocol if your eating the same exact things day after day.

One more pointer before I go…preparation is the KEY to this protocol, I have my meats and vegetables already weighed and individually packed, so when I get up for the day I can cook my lunch and my dinner to take to work without spending over an hour weighing my foods, this has made it SO much easier right now.

Ok time for work I’ll keep you all posted.

Peace, Love and Fat Loss


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